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who are we

Armex door handles is a rooted company that has been producing accessories for door and window handle, hinge, office and office furniture since a period of quarter century.The firm has a vision that adopts the principles of stable growth, quality and customer satisfaction, which continues its investments continuously in order to catch up with the technological developments that change and develop continuously.We have adopted the understanding that quality is a process that starts from raw material, which is the first stage of production, to a post-sale service and is supported by research and development works,All the raw materials and complementary products we use are TSE quality certificated and conformity analyses are maintained continuously,Since we work with completely safe and state-approved liquid treatment companies, we do not harm the environment at the production stage and we make utmost efforts to protect the ecological balance.

other our work

we do not only produce door handles also we manufactures hinge and accessor.We offer our customers a variety of unique, modern, classic and quality products by producing a wide range of models


We are exporting our products African and European countries, especially Middle East countries since 2007.We have adopted more innovative and modern production facilities and customer-focused approaches through different perspectives that we have achieved through different markets.With our increasing production and sales capacity every passing time, we are confident in the way of having a say in world markets.